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 Four Flowers
  One pattern that collectors enjoy is Four Flowers by Dugan. The pattern has four large flowers separated by overlapping crescent shapes. Shapes found include a cake set made up of a large chop plate (10 to 11 inches across) and six small plates (6 inches across). Also found is a berry set with a large ice cream shaped bowl and six smaller bowls. Larger bowls seem to be seen more often than the smaller. Also found is a large ruffled bowl and a smaller ruffled bowl. A complete ruffled berry set is rarely seen, but must have been sold that way. The larger and smaller pieces of these sets may have been made from a single large and a single small mould and simply shaped differently once removed, however, the size of the collar bases do vary. They are found mostly in Peach Opal and less often in Purple. The exteriors are mostly plain but can sometimes have a basket weave pattern. Also seen is an 8 inch bowl in Marigold with a Soda Gold Exterior.



The Swedish glass maker, Eda, also made the pattern in Marigold and Blue in an 8 inch ruffled bowl. The pattern is the same as Dugan’s but you can tell the difference by the shaping of the bowl and the iridescence. To confuse matters even more, a variant exists that differs from the Dugan/Eda versions by the addition of four flower buds between the crescent shapes. It comes in bowls and plates and has a scalloped edge. The variant back can be plain or have a thumbprint pattern. The bases of the variant are ground as there is no collar base. A rod was attached to the base so that the piece could be shaped and the iridescence sprayed on. Then the rod was “broken off” leaving a sharp edge or a circular “Pontil”. This pontil was then polished smooth. Often the edge of the polished area has small residual chips. The origins of the variant are unknown but thought to be European.

--submitted by Gary Sullivan







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