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Strawberry Bon Bon in Amberina
by Fenton



In April 2006, I was on my way to the NECGA Spring Fling being held in Keene, NH. Everyone who attends the Spring Fling each year looks for carnival glass as they travel. My experiences over the years have been surprisingly breath taking at times. This year was no exception. In my travels I stumbled across a strawberry bon bon in Marigold or at least that's what it looked like being so light in the center. I asked the clerk to remove the piece so I could inspect it. WOW!! To my surprise, I had actually found my first piece of carnival glass on the trail in Amberina. I was shocked and amazed that I found the piece mismarked as Marigold for $45.00. Apparently, I was the only one in the club who had found such a find on the way down. This piece looks very good in my cabinet and will remain there for some time.

This pattern was made by the Fenton Glass Company. Fenton apparently used this same pattern for other types of glass such as Milk Glass, Crystal, Custard and the good ole Carnival Glass. This bon bon has the color yellow in the very bottom and a dark rich rim of red about 2" from the top down. Colors known in this bon bon are Marigold, Cobalt, Amethyst, Green and guess what, The Rare Red Amberina!!!!

Although the design of the piece may not appear to be as attractive, the iridescence is adequate and sufficient to make it appealing. So keep your eyes open and always hold a thought. You Too Can FInd a Piece of Red Carnival Glass for under Fifty Bucks...The Right Time at the Right Place.

--submitted by Bob Preseau